Homeschool Lessons

Homeschool Lessons

Welcome to my favourite page of my whole website: Homeschool Lessons. Why my favourite? Because this is where all the homeschool magic happens. Within these pages are wonderful homeschool memories, years of building strong and vital relationships whilst learning together. These pages exist so that you too can find sheer joy in your own home school journey.

General Homeschool Articles

These will be, I hope, helpful posts in which I will share how I have homeschooled over the years and the lessons I have learnt along the way. The first article is not really an article at all 😁. In fact, it gives access to my Homeschool Log Book page which contains all of my log book entries. I write in my Homeschool Log Book once a month, detailing all the learning which has been happening throughout the previous four weeks. This page will give you a very clear idea of the inner workings of our homeschool.

Unit Study Mega Posts

Archived Homeschool Lessons

The lessons pages below are very much under construction. I am working through my whole website and updating every post. As I update them I will be adding them to the lesson pages below. I am only managing to update a handful each week. As an alternative, you can always use the search button at the top of my website to search for any specific homeschool lessons.

Archived Homeschool Lessons

So much homeschool goodness in these posts! Please feel free to browse through them at your leisure…

All Homeschooling Posts

I have formatted this page a little differently to my others, and as such, it is still under construction. When I first build this blog, I knew nothing of tags and categories. I rather naively added lots of categories and no tags, not knowing that the tags were the most important and the categories were just a means of organising my blog. However, the rather useful thing about getting it the wrong way round is that I have a very comprehensive category list. I have included the category headings below in a separate page. Do feel free to take a look:

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