Homeschool Log Book

Homeschool Log Book

Recently, things seem to be changing for home educators in the UK. According to English Education Law children should be educated at school, or otherwise. At the present moment we have much freedom, but the tide is turning. In fact, as new case law becomes available the legal precedents are subtly changing the law. Unfortunately, the knock on affect of this is that the Local Education Authorities are tightening their regulations on homeschoolers. Add this to the threat of the new Schools Bill, and you have a situation which requires far more stringent record keeping from parents. It is all these changes which have necessitated my Homeschool Log Book.

The Purpose of the Homeschool Log Book

The Homeschool Log Book will be a place for me to record the learning the children have done each month. I aim to become more focused on literacy and numeracy. This is in accordance with the relative importance local authorities are placing on these basic skills. It is my hope that the local authorities can use these posts in leau of a report or as the basis of a report. Either way, they will help me in the long term keep a close track on what the children are learning. The following post by Education Otherwise contains useful information about writing a report. To be sure I am meeting the requirements, I will be following their advice on what to include.

Academic Year 2022-2023

This contains all of my Homeschool Log Books from 2022-23. The first, written August 2022, lays out my plans for the year. The rest are written out in order:

Academic Year 2023-2024

I will add to this as and when I write new posts.