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Welcome to my favourite page of my whole website: my homeschool UK page! Why my favourite? Because this is where all the homeschool magic happens. Within these pages are wonderful homeschool memories, years of building strong and vital relationships whilst learning together. These pages exist so that you too can find sheer joy in your own home school journey.

Homeschool UK Articles

Homeschool Log Book

These will be, I hope, helpful posts in which I will share how I have homeschooled over the years and the lessons I have learnt along the way. The first article is not really an article at all 😁. In fact, it gives access to my Homeschool UK Log Book page which contains all of my log book entries. I write in my Homeschool Log Book once a month, detailing all the learning which has been happening throughout the previous four weeks. This page will give you a very clear idea of the inner workings of our homeschool.

Homeschool and the Law

The next set of articles describe various aspects of homeschooling in the Uk. The first goes through all the homeschool law and good practices concerning homeschooling in the UK. Dealing with the local authorities goes through the home education precedents, guidance and good practices. This in-depth post is easy to understand and should help you stay on the right side of the home education authorities. The final post in this short series gives you lots of ideas of how to keep homeschool records. These ideas help you to meet homeschool law, local education authority requirements and still have enormous freedom as you homeschool.

General Homeschool Articles

I have written a plethora of homeschool related posts over the years. This means that this page will be constantly in development as I go through my blog and add all my general homeschool articles.

The first post is about our school – the Angelicscalliwags Homeschool. If you want to know more about us, this is the post to read! I go right back to the start, before even my eldest was born, to give you a glimpse into our reasons for homeschool. Asking the question of whether homeschooling is a job or a calling, I write about the difficulties we have faced over the years. I follow this brutally honest post with a more upbeat post about the benefits we have found to homeschooling our children.

Sometimes making decisions concerning the education of our children can feel overwhelming. Read my post about how we make the process of deciding easier with the ‘five decisions earlier’ principle. Linked with making those decisions is the importance of knowing what you’re aiming for. Read my controversial views on education as I respond to a reader question: ‘What Does Being Educated Mean?’

Maths is often a homeschool subject parents worry about. I went into homeschooling being fairly strong in maths. But I soon realised that understanding maths is not the same as being able to teach maths! It was great teaching Thomas because he and I think alike. Same with Becca. Both understand numbers, so I don’t really need to teach. My twins were another case altogether! This led me to take the unusual route of ‘Living Maths‘ as it is known in the homeschooling world. Living maths is basically hands on maths and was revolutionary in our homeschool! Do pop over to my Living Maths page where you will find heaps of links to hands on activities we have done with our children over the years.

Homeschool UK Nuts and Bolts Articles

This part is currently under construction. However, I have a few posts to keep you going. I have always felt so blessed because in our home all the chores are equally shared among the seven of us. This makes my job as a homeschool mum supremely more simple than if I had to manage the house as well as managing the education. Find out how we trained our children from the age of three to help around the house. Believe me, it stops the typical teenage selfishness because the children know they are part of a great team. And that teams help each other so no one person has to do it all. We have thoroughly enjoyed having teens…in fact, it’s probably my favourite age!

Another wonderfully helpful thing I did from the time the oldest were babies was to insist on a quiet-time after lunch. Read about the importance of quiet-time to the general happiness of your homeschool. I have an accompanying video on introducing quiet-time into your homeschool day. Along with our Morning Meeting and Read Aloud at Bedtime, having regular daily quiet time encouraged all our children to become avid readers.

Archived Homeschool UK Lessons

The lessons pages below are very much under construction. I am working through my whole website and updating every post. As I update them I will be adding them to the lesson pages below. I am only managing to update a handful each week. As an alternative, you can always use the search button at the top of my website to search for any specific homeschool lessons.

I also have a fledgling YouTube channel where I post history themed hands on activities. You can find me at AngelicscalliwagsHomeschool

Archived Homeschool Lessons

So much homeschool goodness in these posts! Please feel free to browse through them at your leisure…

All Homeschooling Posts

I have formatted this page a little differently to my others, and as such, it is still under construction. When I first build this blog, I knew nothing of tags and categories. I rather naively added lots of categories and no tags, not knowing that the tags were the most important and the categories were just a means of organising my blog. However, the rather useful thing about getting it the wrong way round is that I have a very comprehensive category list. I have included the category headings below in a separate page. Do feel free to take a look:

Life Away From Homeschool UK

I don’t just write about home school things in my blog. Over the years I have written Precious Moments posts which are all about the fun we have aside from homeschooling. This Precious Moments Page is very much in its infancy as I add to it each time I update a precious moments posts. For now, only the very old posts are included, but this will be added to weekly.

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