Free Printables

I have created these educational free printables using images which are shared using the Creative Commons Licence.  I have done my best to double and triple check the sources.  Each source I have attributed to the site on which it was found (you will find this attribution at the bottom right hand corner of each note page).  I have not altered any of them and I do not intend to make any money from them.  I have created them to use with my younger daughters’ studies and I am making them freely available for other home-schoolers to use.

If there are any images you believe I have used which do not come with the Creative Commons Licence, please let me know and I will remove them immediately.

Free Printables: History

Noah’s Ark

The Ice Age

Ice Age Clothes

The Sumerians

The Tower of Babel


Gilgamesh 2


Stonehenge Beaker Pottery

Free Printables: Maths

Life of Fred Butterflies Review Booklet

Life of Fred Cats Review Booklet

Life of Fred Dogs Review Booklet

Life of Fred Edgewood Review Booklet

Boxable Numbers

Partnership maths