Little Miss Naughty Days of the Week Learning Box

This week during our Little Miss Naughty reading time, we read about the naughty deeds she did on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and so forth.  I thought this was an ideal opportunity to teach the girls more about the days of the week.  A5 knows her days and understands fairly well about the order and what happens on each, so I made up an activity which would help her to learn them even more thoroughly but also learn how to read the days of the week.  Here is my Days of the Week box:


The box used to hold stencils.  I transferred them to our art drawer and made full use of the lovely box.  I particularly needed a box with a sturdy lid  (you will soon see why).

First thing was to decorate the box.  I use self adhesive foam and usually just cut whichever character I happen to be doing the week I am making the box.  This week was Little Miss Naughty, so I cut her out and stuck her on.  Next I cut up strips of coloured foam and wrote the days of the week on them.  I also numbered clothes pegs 1-7.  This activity was to help the girls to order and then number the days of the week:


I also labelled three pegs with ‘Today’, ‘Yesterday’ and ‘Tomorrow’.  This was for A5 to place on the correct days:


The penultimate thing I did was to label some pegs with the activities the little girls do each week: Choir, Family Night, Church and Emma (our old baby sitter comes round on a Monday for dinner).  The girls were then able to match their activities to the day they did it on, much like a calender:


And lastly I made a pairs game using the days of the week and pictures of the characters:


This works just like any other pairs games, pairing together the matching cards:


Here are the pictures to make your own PAIRS game (I made them myself, so they’re not very professional.  Just photocopy, cut to size and laminate or attach to foam):

Days of Week Pairs with all pictures

The second sheet is one set of picture cards with days of the week and one set of just the days of the week written on them.  I will be using that set with A5 next week:

Days of the week matching picture/writing to writing

And there you have it – a whole box dedicated to teaching the days of the week.


  1. Great ideas and fun activities. It is always exciting to see what you will think of next. My word, you have to be the most creative person I know.
    Have a blessed day, Claire.

  2. Brilliant idea! I was just pondering how to start teaching my little guy the days of the week. I am definitely going to use your idea! You are so clever! Love the pegs with ‘yesterday today tomorrow’ on. It is a very abstract concept for little minds to grasp, particularly little minds that are very visually-orientated. Thank you for the e-mail my friend… will reply soon. x

    1. It’s so much fun! I was like a child in a sweet shop, choosing all the pictures and arranging them and then changing it to a pdf. I had to call my poor long suffering husband in at every stage (literally every three and half minutes) to come and have a look. He was relieved when we got to Sunday!

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