Preschool Science (Age 3-5)

dsc_0589preschool science

The premise behind our preschool science sessions is simple: Fun.  I don’t attempt to teach them anything and I am completely hands off.  This is their opportunity to investigate and discover that which is meaningful to them.  My goal is for them to feel confident handling science equipment and for them to be enthusiastic towards science.  Just click on the icon below to find out more.

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 Home-Made Science Curriculum (all ages)

I have designed several science curricula to suit the interests of my children.  The first is Incr-Edible science, basically learning about kitchen chemistry; the second is Spar-Klean Science, which is all to do with the science of cleaning and my latest Be-You-Tiful Science.  This will contain the science of health and beauty.  Enjoy!

incredible-science  sparklean

IGCSE Biology


Whilst I am not using any curriculum per se I will be ensuring that the topics we study are in line with the Edexcel IGCSE specifications.  Just click on the picture of the topic you would like to learn more about.


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