Our One Year Pond Study Week 19: Bird Study – Herons

Our gorgeous Heron!
Our gorgeous Heron!

This week, due to our family party, we did not manage to spend long at the pond, although actually visiting is never an issue because it is on the way to our local shops!  However this week we did not have the time for a prolonged study so I had the children fit in bits of research for our next bird study around all their activities.

Our Heron is a Grey Heron (Ardea Cinerea).  I had the children have a read up about the Grey Heron on Wikipedia and the RSPB site.  And then they looked over our photos and remembered back to all we had observed.  Here is everything they have learned so far about the Grey Heron:

It is a big bird, standing up to 100cm in height and is the biggest bird on our pond:

We journeyed closer for a better look

It has a white head with a black supercillium and long thin crest:

...to land on a nearby rock

It is a wader:

Our Heron

It stands almost motionless waiting for it’s prey:

This time landing on the 'No Fishing' sign situated near to our tree

It uses it’s long sharp beak to stab it’s prey:

Where he proceeded to, yes you guessed it, fish!

And swallows it whole:

Giving himself a good shake, whilst swallowing the fish.  We could see the lump in his throat as he was swallowing it!

It will also fish in the shallow waters looking for small fish, invertebrates and frogs:


It has a slow wing movement when flying, as if flying in slow motion:


When it flaps it’s wings, they make an M shape:


The Heron flies with it’s legs stretched behind it and their neck in an S-shape which distinguishes them from storks and cranes:


It’s mummy’s favourite bird:

One last picture, before the sun went down.


  1. Oh angelic–what is your name so I can address you respectfully please? Mrs…?
    In the meantime, these are beautiful photos and you’re very blessed to have these gorgeous birds stop by your pond. We get the same old Canadian geese year after year, lol. But, now, I am committed to continuously watching our pond for exciting visitors. Now, I cannot believe how high your water level goes: LOL at the bird ‘fishing’ on the ‘no fishing’ sign LOL! Nature is quite spectacular. Thank You for constantly sharing your learning at its finest. Xox Jeanine Can I find you on facebook?

      1. Thank you dearly for always doing your absolute greatest at responding to followers. Much appreciated…Mrs.Claire 😉

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