Preschool Adventure Box: BFIAR The Big Green Pocket Book

THEME: Routines The Big Green Pocket book is probably my least favourite book from the BFIAR curriculum, and nothing in it sparked any major learning

BFIAR – Planning Our Second Row

I’ve been considering the specifics of a second rowing of the BFIAR books.  I want to have everything basically ready to use in September, so

Ancient Chinese Picture Study: Han Dynasty

Painting of five Han nobles conversing and wearing elegant clothing. The second figure from the left carries a stylized umbrella. The figures are painted in

Ancient China: Han Dynasty & the Invention of Paper

This week we studied the Han dynasty and looked at the invention of Paper.  As there is definitely a feeling of winding down, and because

Young Scientists at Play: Polymer Play – Making Snow

Did you know that up market nappies contain polymer balls?  They exploit the water absorbing qualities in order to absorb urine.  These are made from a similar polymer to water

Nature Study: Our One Year Pond Study Week 13: Just Playing Around

Welcome to week 13 of our one year pond study.  For the rest of the posts in this series please see here. We had great plans

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