Reflections: 2012-2013 Academic Year – Littles

As we are drawing to a close on our academic year (just 5 full weeks left to go), I find myself in my usual reflective

Ancient China: Zhou Dynasty and Chinese Religions

We have been slowly moving our way through the Chinese dynasties at one per week, learning about the unique features of each and any of

Young Scientists at Play: Polymer Play with Water Beads

Continuing our fun with polymers, I thought I would introduce the little ones to a very different type of polymer – the water bead.  These are

Nature Study: Our One Year Pond Study Week 11: Preparing to map the pond

Welcome to week 11 of our one year pond study.  For the rest of the posts in this series please see here. Here is the story

The Angelicscalliwags Challenge: Week 1

Sorry, snapped that photo yesterday and I couldn’t resist.   The children are so blessed to have Gary as their father. For the rest of the

Young Explorers at Play: Polymer Play – Discovering Polymer Properties

Thank you for all your well wishes yesterday.  The girls are on the mend!  They were well enough yesterday to get out our pink slime with

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