Marco Polo: The Beginnings of a Great Explorer

It seems Marco Polo will be taking us longer than first thought (ahem, how very unusual for us!).  His travels are a much larger, not

Incr-Edible Science: Transfering Knowledge

The whole point of Incr-Edible science is that L10 learns the why of cooking, as opposed to the simple how.  I want her to be

Simple Hand-made Mr Men Puppets

One of my goals this Easter was to test the waters and see if the Mr Men theme was likely to hold my younger girls

Incr-Edible Science: Quest based science

Last week we made some rather revolting lemonade.  If I’m honest, calling it lemonade is a stretch.  It was fizzy and it has lemon in

Young Scientists at Play: Concoction Lab

This week during our hour of Young Scientists at Play I created a concoctions lab, enlisting the help of one of my twins: I made

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