Weekly Wrap Up #10: A Dusty Week

This week has been a bit of a disaster week from the point of school.  We had the plasterers in to plaster the living room and

Viking Unit Study: Vinking Runes

Most of the Viking culture was passed down through word of mouth, however they did have an alphabet called Futhark named after the first 6

Looking Back – Mesopotamia Wrap Up Night and Visit to the British Museum – Part three

This is my third post on our studies of Ancient Mesopotamia three years ago.  In this post I will be sharing photos of our Mesopotamia

Making an Aged Viking Map

Familiar? How about now? I wanted to make a map, age it to look like a viking map, pop co-ordinates on it and do some

Unmuddling Maths: Co-ordinate Graphs

This book is a clever little book, explaining the x,y co-ordinates in a way that the children can’t fail to remember.  This week our hands

The Muddle of Maths

Maths in our home school has always been about getting it done.  Along with science, it is our only text-book curriculum.  I have A level maths and

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