Precious (Snowy) Moments

Well, I had just covered The Snowy Day in our tot school and preschool, having planned it perfectly to coincide with some snow we were

Preschool Adventure Box: B4FIAR Angus Lost

# A1 has her last two teeth coming through, and spent most of the week crying day and night.  These last two are taking their

Home Economics for Scalliwags

“And that you would be diligent, peaceable and occupied with your business, working with your hands just as we commanded you” (1 Thessalonians 4:11) “We

Looking Back – Ancient Egypt Part 2: Mummifying a Chicken

The Ancient Egyptians lived their whole life preparing for death.  Their elaborate belief system meant that life after death held promises of wonders impossible in

Learning Through Historical Discussions

Image Credit Education is a funny thing, meaning different things to different people.  We are in a strong position as home schoolers to educate our

Re-enactment as a Form of Narration

We made the above papier mache map, not to scale (measuring about 3 meters by 2 meters) whilst we were studying the Anglo-Saxons (see here for how). 

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