Unmuddling Maths: Co-ordinate Graphs

This book is a clever little book, explaining the x,y co-ordinates in a way that the children can’t fail to remember.  This week our hands

The Muddle of Maths

Maths in our home school has always been about getting it done.  Along with science, it is our only text-book curriculum.  I have A level maths and

Looking Back – Mesopotamia Part 2

This second post is a continuation of a series of posts about our unit study on Ancient Mesopotamia For the first part see: http://angelicscalliwags.wordpress.com/2012/10/31/looking-back-mesopotamia-part-1/ Written

Composer Study – Guido D’Arrezzo

Whilst my musical ability amounts to very little (‘nough said!), my children seem to take after Gary (he’s a worship leader).  The older ones belong

Caps for Sale

We have decided to forgo most printables for this year, as I was struggling to manage the cutting out required (in terms of time not

Looking Back- Mesopotamia Part 1

Ancient Mesopotamia was the first big unit study we did together on a major ancient civilisation.  Mesopotamia means the land between two rivers and is

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