A Post for Phyllis

Phyllis left a note earlier today informing me she had nominated me for an award.  I’m a little overwhelmed and surprised, yet it seems fitting that

Easter Adventure Box: Marco Polo and Ancient China-Part 2

Yesterday I shared the resources I’m using for the Ancient China part of our adventure box.  The other half of the box will be focused

Easter Adventure Box: Marco Polo and Ancient China-Part 1

Just the name sends shivers down my older children’s spines!  They are very excited about their Easter Adventure Box!  This year it is going to be

Schooling Together: Thomas the Tank Engine-Part Two

On a Friday we have a time where all five children are doing school together.  I use the term school loosely due to the age

Looking Back: Ancient Israel

We spent three months on Ancient Israel and yet I have almost no photos.  I thought I’d reminisce a little and also jot down the resources

Feudalism in the MiddleAges and the Four Alls

Feudalism was introduced to Britain by the Normans after the battle of 1066.  King William claimed all the land for himself and proceeded to rent

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