Oat Groats

Healthy Homeschool Living: Nutritional File – Oat Groats

The majority of oat groats are made up of carbohydrates (66%). Of that 66%, 1% are sucrose, 11% are fibre and 85% are starch. Starch

Healthy Homeschool Living: Nutrition and Nutritionism

Today, I will be pondering the vast difference between Nutrition and Nutritionism.  Nutritionism is a useful concept coined by Michael Pollan in his excellent ‘In

Healthy Homeschool Living: Food and Food-Like Products

Firstly, what do I mean by Food and Food-Like Products?  Surely, if it is edible, it is food; if it is not edible, it is

Healthy Homeschool Living

Healthy Homeschool Living: Introduction

I mentioned that for a short time I wanted my blog to take a different turn.  Sooooo, for the next couple of months I will

Butterfly Inspired Jewellery

Lillie latest art lesson was on sculpture.  She chose to focus on her jewellery (of course).  The first set of photos were taken at the

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