Artist Study: Cimabue

Artist study is something we have done for the last couple of years.  Whilst we were studying the ancient civilisations I couldn’t really study a

Schooling Together: Thomas Tank Engine

  So I gather all the children together, along with all the Thomas toys we own, make up some snacks and let them at it!

Anatomy and Physiology – Chapter one: Cells

Being a nurse by profession, I have been eagerly awaiting our study of anatomy.  This book is one that we will languish in, take our time

Looking Back – An Introduction

I remember the day I knew my children weren’t going to school. Ever.  I hadn’t actually given birth yet.  T10 was at 6 months gestation, I

Anglo Saxon Literature Study: Beowulf Part 1

We are reading Beowulf as part of our literature study whilst looking at the Anglo Saxons.  I have lots of activities planned.  We do not do

How to Make a Paper Mache Map

Being a little artsy myself, it is always a pleasure to incorporate anything crafty in our home school.  I try to provide auditory, visual and

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