Our Wonderful World

Tonight I went into my baby before I tucked down, which I do every night with every child. Tonight, however, B1 was very hot and

Tutankhamen Unit Study

As I’ve said in previous posts we school four weeks of normal school and then spend a week doing fun school.  This is possibly a misnomer

Mother’s Day

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, traditionally a time for mother’s to TAKE IT EASY; a time for lie ins, for breakfast in bed, maybe flowers, definitely

Preschool Adventure Box: B4FIAR Jessie Bear

Last year A3, who was at the time just 2, announced that she knew her letters and sounds and could I PLEASE teach her to

Thoughts of a Weighty Kind

Anyone who knows me in real life would know how much I LOVE eating food, anyone who knows me in real life knows how I HATE not

Weekly Wrap Up – The One with Virgil

This week we went back to normal school. Everyone was well again so we jumped straight back in. Everyday we cover grammar, spelling, handwriting, typing

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