Fun, Hands-On Dinosaur Unit: Cerapods – Tricerotops

This week’s focus for our dinosaur unit has been the dinosaurs from the Cerapods group using Triceratops as an example, and we have had heaps of

Dinosaur Party Activities

I was searching through old photos for something or other and came across these ones of a dinosaur birthday party I organised for a niece

Flower Fairies: Horse Chestnut Fairy

I am still catching up on posts I should have written before Christmas.  We took this nature walk some time in November when we chose

Curious George: Activities for Mischievous Monkeys

Who doesn’t love the mischievous monkey that is Curious George?  This post is for all you out there who have their very own mischievous monkeys.

Stained Glass Window Activities

Most of our art study this year is going to be centered around particular artists who lived during the Middle Ages.  However there are a few

Looking Back – Astronomy Presentation

I’m doing a series called looking back, documenting learning the children and I did together prior to me blogging.  To be honest it’s more for

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