Hundertwasser Art Study

Hundertwasser Art Study: The Artist Hundertwasser was both an exceptional and individualistic artist as well as being an environmentally friendly one!  He liked to create

Learning the Art Basics: Lesson Eight – Fruit Bowl Still Life in Colour

This is a copy of Lillie’s eighth art lesson, which was all about colour theory. The final task was to create a still life of

Learning the Art Basics: Lesson Seven – Charcoal Self-Portrait

This lesson Lillie had to draw a portrait using charcoal.  Charcoal is a tricky medium to use because detail is fairly hard to achieve.  Lil

Learning the Art Basics: Lesson Six – Portraiture

Lillie is doing so incredibly well with her art.  We requested a change of tutor, not because there was anything wrong with the one we

Learning the Art Basics: Lesson Five – Cutlery

Lesson five was all about learning how to draw cutlery.  The actual purpose wasn’t that one needs to become a connoisseur at drawing a knife

Learning the Art Basics: Lesson Three – Exploring Charcoal

This lesson took Lillie a little bit longer to complete because she enjoyed working with Charcoal so much.  I shall just let her note book

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