Astronomy Unit Study: Unit 13 – Stars and the Kuiper Belt

The last post for our astronomy unit! This week we learnt all about the Stars and the Kuiper Belt. Stars and the Kuiper Belt: Reading and Note Taking I had the girls partnership read their way through the penultimate chapter: They wrote notes, trying to include all they remembered: Stars and the Kuiper Belt: Twinkling…


An Activity to Illustrate the Flight Path Trajectory to the Moon

Learning About the Flight Path Trajectory to the Moon In order to send a spacecraft up to the moon one does not actually send it towards the moon.  If one did, said spacecraft would very definitely miss the moon altogether and be lost at space forever.  Instead, the Flight Path Trajectory to the Moon needs…


Interviewing the Sassy Sol!

Each Thursday the older girls get out of maths to spend some time doing a bit of school work with the little ones.  They are (un)surprisingly enthusiastic about this.  I mean no maths....what more needs to be said?  This morning they were putting on a reader's theatre type play as Charlotte became an interviewer and…