Angelicscalliwags Catch Up and Plans for Next Year: Charlotte

Charlotte has big plans this year which are almost completely opposite in nature to her twin sister’s.  I find it so interesting that two girls

Human Trafficking

My daughter, Charlotte, has written two books which have the theme of human trafficking running through them.  This is something she feels strongly about.  I

The Bane of my Life…..

I think it is so difficult being a teen these days.  Maybe it always was.  But the gamut of feelings surely must be intensified under

When Your Teen Needs a Bit of a Boost…..

Confidence seems to be a big issue during these teen years as the older ones try to figure out the world around them and their

The Blessing of Teens

I have been ill since Sunday night, along with the two little ones.  In fact B4 is now on antibiotics for a nasty ear infection.