Christmas Tradition: Books after Christmas

I saw this on Leah's blog and I was enchanted with the whole idea.  Well, it is books, and you all know how much I love books.  So I sent off for some books the children had asked politely been nagging for, collected some brown paper, twine and sellotape and I was ready to create…


Christmas Traditions at Angelicscalliwags

This blog is primarily a gift for my children.  It is the legacy of their childhood.  The best bits, the memories, successes and trials for them to look back on as adults.  A gift of love and of the treasure of our family life.  I don’t want to forget, but I also don’t want my…


Angelicscalliwags Christmas Traditions # 3: A Christmas Decoration

T11 was born just 9 months and three weeks before his twin sisters.  After a very dangerous time giving birth to L naturally and C by emergency caesarean, amounting to no blood pressure or pulse at times for me and four blood transfusions, I discharged myself just two days later to be at home with three…