Art Lab 4: Chalk Pastels

I am adding this Art Lab Chalk Pastel lesson quite apprehensively because I didn't actually do these lessons with the girls. Lillie blessed me by taking over the little one's school work when I was up to my elbows in Charlotte and her Latin! Thank you, Baby. Being as organised as I am (not), I…


Art Lab for Kids: Lab 3 – Scribble Drawings

Over the past week, the girls have been creating scribble drawings. They had so much fun, it was like looking for shapes in the clouds! Scribble Drawings: Practice I always have the girls use their sketch pads to do a relaxed, non-final drawing based on the lesson. Because it is just a casual sketch, it…


Giant Ink Drawings {Art Lab for Kids}

Giant Ink Drawings - Practice Art Lab 2 was on Giant Ink Drawings. The girls had never drawn with ink and brushes before. So, I set them up a simple still life for them to practice. They used their sketch pads for this. Here is the still life: I encouraged the girls to really study…