Life of Fred: Farming Revision Booklet

I created this Farming Revision Booklet to use with our maths studies using the very excellent Life of Fred curriculum. Most of our hands on activities for the Farming book were linked to either sets or graphs. This 11 page Farming Revision Booklet focuses on set work, using farm animals as a theme. Firstly, the…


Living Maths Resources for Fun Homeschool Maths: Maths Quest – The Museum of Mysteries

You all know how much I now enjoy teaching maths, especially since the addition of Life of Fred and the subtraction of traditional curriculum.  One of my favourite things to do is shop Amazon for fun living maths resources with which to fill our day.  Once a month or so, I am going to share…


Homeschool Living Maths – Life of Fred: Butterflies

 Learning Maths with Life of Fred: Butterflies The girls are still enjoying our hands on approach to maths.  We have just finished learning maths with Life of Fred: Butterflies.  This is book two in the Life of Fred Series, (which can be bought in the UK here) learning lots of new maths concepts.  But first…