Homemade Christmas: Tablescaping

Last year I had bits and bobs to put together a heart shaped themed Christmas table.  I used white cotton table cloths over our large table top (made by Gary), overwhich I placed a smaller red and white heart one.  I also had a couple of potted firs and some heart napkins. I had already…


Home-made Christmas: How to Make Your Own Crackers

I often make my own crackers.  For this you need the cracker outline card (which I got from Amazon), a glue gun, cheap and nasty crackers, decorations such as ribbons, felt hearts and heart shaped buttons: I made the present for inside by simply popping some sweeties into a gift bag and sealing using some…


Angelicscalliwags Christmas Traditions # 3: A Christmas Decoration

T11 was born just 9 months and three weeks before his twin sisters.  After a very dangerous time giving birth to L naturally and C by emergency caesarean, amounting to no blood pressure or pulse at times for me and four blood transfusions, I discharged myself just two days later to be at home with three…