Precious Moments: Holiday in Northern Ireland

Welcome to my precious moments post, a few weeks too late but nevertheless here now 🙂  I am struggling so much to find the time

Precious Moments: Catching Up the Last Couple of Weeks

I am trying to scrape my way back from a forced hiatus from blogging.  What with exams, various kids holiday clubs/holidays away and all the

Plans for the Littles {2017-2018}

I have been in a quandary as far as teaching my little ones goes.  I always thought I would simply teach them in the same

Around the World with FIAR – Another Celebrated Dancing Bear {Russia}

Precis Unhappy with his lot in life working at the local hospital, Boris struggles to congratulate his friend Max who is a much ‘celebrated dancing

A Day in the Life of my Angelic Scalliwags

Last year I missed doing a day in the life post, for the first time since starting the blog.  I rather like these posts as

Plans for the Coming Term

This will be a strange term for us, with three out of five children preparing for an IGCSE in May/June.  In addition to these taking

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