Mystery of History: Lesson Five – The Ice Age

We have never covered the Ice Age before, so I was quite excited about it.  I decided to invest in a couple of extra resources


How to Teach Homeschool Writing: Copywork

Copywork: Introduction In our homeschool, writing starts as soon as the child shows an interest.  Aside from the usual doodles, we also encourage the child

Around the World with FIAR: Asia Unit Study

Around the World with FIAR: Barbar {India and Monsoons} Around the World with FIAR: Grass Sandals {Japan and its Volcanoes} Around the World with FIAR: Grandfather’s Journey

Art Achieve {Review}

My two younger daughters have been enjoying art lessons from the Entire Level II from ArtAchieve.  ArtAchieve is a company which offers cultural art lessons

Around the World with FIAR: A Story about Ping {China, Wetlands and Typhoons}

A Story about Ping is the very cute tale about an independently spirited little duck who lives on a ‘wise-eyed boat’ on the Yangtze River.

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