Precious Moments {29th April- 5th May}

I am very time poor at the moment, what with working alongside the littles and working with Thomas on his chemistry for hours each day.

Precious Moments {21 April – 28 April}

Gary had planned all week to move the logs from the side of the garden to the back of the garden, so we can create

Precious Moments {15th April-21st April}

You know when you get to the end of the week tired but incredibly happy with life?  That is this week for me.  The whole week

Precious Moments {8th April to 14th April}

This has been such a fantastic Easter holiday week!  I am liking this whole taking a break thing, and the children are loving getting together

Precious Moments {1st April – 7th April}

It has been a glorious week this week seeing friends and enjoying the very definite spring-time weather…just lovely! We had friends over from Northern Ireland

Precious Moments {18th – 24th March}

Another great week has come and gone.  The three older children are preparing to take their exams, Thomas (Chemistry IGCSE) in May and the girls

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