Sewing a Flower Fairy Quilt

Over the past few weeks, Becca has been sewing a flower fairy quilt using a mixture of hand sewing and machine sewing. I bought her a panel of alphabet flower fairy squares. Which is the perfect starting project to learn the basics of quilting. This allows her to create a beautiful finished product without the…


Sew Simple Sewing School: Lesson One {Threading, Knotting, Straight Stitch}

The first lesson goal was simple: teach my girls to thread a needle, double knot the thread and to stitch in a straight line.  As I was working with a five-year old who had done very little sewing in the past I opted to use Binca material (traditionally used for cross stitch).  I wanted to…


Sew Simple: How to Make a Simple Sewing Kit for Children

I have designed a very simple sewing course for my little ones, and thought I would share it 🙂   Each week I will be teaching specific sewing skills to my girls who will then make something useful or beautiful using those particular skills.  Each skill will build upon the ones previously learnt. Last week…