Progeny Press {Review}

I am a huge fan of the literature e-guides from Progeny Press so I was very excited to have been chosen to review The Bears on

How to Experience the Life of a Working Class Victorian

This was a small social experiment the children and I carried out over one school day.  We will be doing something similar when we come

Laundry the Victorian Way

The girls tried their hand doing laundry the Victorian way.  Laundry was a hard, hard job which Victorian women did entirely by hand.  It consisted

Nineteenth Century History: 1810-1820 {Romanticism and Jane Austin}

The 1810s were a busy time with George III officially being recognised as insane; the United States Congress declaring war on Britain; the Great (financial)

South America Unit Study

Yeeeehaa!  My unit study all about South America and the rainforest is done and dusted and is now posted all in one place 🙂  Enjoy!

Around the World with FIAR: Salamander Room

FIAR Work The Salamander Room is a delightful book about a young boy imagining all he would need to do to his bedroom to make

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