Hands on Viking Unit Study for Homeschoolers

Introducing the hands-on Viking Unit Study I did with my older ones when they were younger.  This was such a great study, incorporating all areas

Unmuddling Maths – Viking Rune Stones and Probability Part Two

The next day I gave them a bag of runes and asked them to follow the instructions I had typed out on the sheet (click

Unmuddling Maths – Viking Rune Stones and Probability Part One

On our family holiday this year, the children came face to face with amusement arcades.  Never having seen anything like it before, they were enamoured

Exploring Angles and Triangles Viking Style!

Last week we learnt about the Viking alphabet, Runes.  We made a stave and found that every letter of the viking alphabet could be made

Making an Aged Viking Map

Familiar? How about now? I wanted to make a map, age it to look like a viking map, pop co-ordinates on it and do some

Unmuddling Maths: Co-ordinate Graphs

This book is a clever little book, explaining the x,y co-ordinates in a way that the children can’t fail to remember.  This week our hands