Medieval Banquet

We did it.  After almost twelve weeks of preparation and work, and feeling like we would simply never be ready, the day of the banquet

Medieval Banquet Preparation

They say it’s all in the prep, and who am I to argue?  So we went at it with attitude.  Well, at least I did. 

Medieval Fashions: Knight’s Lady

C11 is doing her presentation at the feast on medieval fashions.  She had made a fabulous start, creating a hand sewn costume for her medieval

Medieval Feast: Meringue Swan Subtleties

For more information about medieval subtleties see here L11 had a few different ideas for subtleties (small favours served between courses).  She has already made

Medieval Feast: Invitations

It was essential that the invitations to our medieval banquet were designed, made and sent to their recipients in time for an answer to be

Medieval Feasts: Subtleties

Subtleties or entremets (old French meaning ‘between servings) are works of art using food and story telling and which vary between simple frumenty to more elaborate