Wintery Precious Moments (January: Week Three)

Another funny ol’ week.  I’m not sure if it’s the infections, the exams or the number of birthdays we’ve been celebrating, but none of us

Ancient Egypt Homeschool Resource: Mysteries of the Nile

I had wanted to find the perfect ancient Egyptian resource.  An ancient Egyptian resource which would not only be interesting to the children, but also

Homeschooling Teens: Catching Up with Charlotte

We are at a really good place in our lives at the moment.  I have three happy, confident and motivated teens, who are thriving and


How to Teach Homeschool Writing: Copywork

Copywork: Introduction In our homeschool, writing starts as soon as the child shows an interest.  Aside from the usual doodles, we also encourage the child

Wintery Seasons of Joy

Hello, hellooooo!  Welcome to my Wintery Seasons of Joy post.  I have so much to share 🙂 Gary took a couple of weeks off over

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