Mystery of History: Lesson Seven – The Sumerians

I am very familiar with the Sumerians, having studied them in-depth with my older children during our Mesopotamia Unit Study. It was interesting all those

Spring Precious Moments {14-/04/2018 – 20/04/2018}

This has been such a lovely week.  We have somehow found balance again, which is so important for the relaxed homeschool I always hope to

Homeschool Living Maths – Life of Fred: Cats

Learning Maths with Life of Fred: Cats The more I do Life of Fred, the more confident I am about it working as an exclusive

Mystery of History: Lesson Five – The Ice Age

We have never covered the Ice Age before, so I was quite excited about it.  I decided to invest in a couple of extra resources

Precious Moments

Oh my goodness!  What a week.  It started off with one young member of our family being burgled at knife point.  We spent the beginning

Australian Aboriginal Culture Unit Study

I am writing this post to gather the work we did on our Australian Aboriginal Culture Unit Study all in one place.  This unit was

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