Literature Studies: Chaucer – A Play of the Nun’s Priest’s Tale

We only do Chaucer studies once a week on a Tuesday, or at least that is the plan.  I have, as always, over estimated what

Literature Studies: Chaucer – A Retelling of a Knight’s Tale?

The first tale I chose to focus on was the Knight’s Tale because it is the tale from which Shakespeare took his inspiration for ‘The

Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales: Setting the Scene

Although traditionally Chaucer is taught to children older than 12, the Canterbury Tales are far too good to postpone, especially as I will only be studying

Project Based Learning : The Black Death

Not the most inviting of titles but a subject which has gripped my children.  As we near the end of the second week of a

Plans for this Term

We have a short six-week term ahead of us and are planning to keep ourselves busily ensconced in project work.  Our experiment last term was

Medieval Banquet

We did it.  After almost twelve weeks of preparation and work, and feeling like we would simply never be ready, the day of the banquet

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