Grimm’s Fairy Tales – Cinderella

I was very excited about this unit!  I’d had so many ideas floating about in my head with regards to one day making them into a

Nineteenth Century History: 1830-1840 {Victorian Era: Queen Victoria and Prince Albert}

This post is a hodge podge of all things Victorian Related that we have studied over the past three months which don’t fit in well

Nineteenth Century History: 1820-1830 {Composers of the Romantic Period}

The Romantic Period, a time in history where composers wished to reduce their listeners to tears and melt their hearts, ran from around 1825 to

Nineteenth Century History: 1810-1820 {Romanticism and Jane Austin}

The 1810s were a busy time with George III officially being recognised as insane; the United States Congress declaring war on Britain; the Great (financial)

Nineteenth Century World History: 1800-1810 {Transatlantic Slave Trade and its Abolition}

There was a whole heap of interesting stuff going on in the early 1800’s.  Great Britain was indeed great and steaming forth as leaders in

Follow the Drinking Gourd {FIAR}

My older three have been deep in study learning about slavery and its abolition.  I thought it might be quite nice to teach one topic

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