Wintery Precious Moments {February Week Three}

I can’t believe I’m going to start yet another post with another infection, but I am  🙁  My littlest came down with a tummy infection,

When you wonder where on earth your daughter has come from…..

Setting scene: Half-term for the Angelicscalliwags school.  Everyone up late, no-one dressed, everyone ploughing away at the chores.  Me filling LETL forms for Lillie’s photography. 

Wintery Precious Moments (Week Two)

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hellooooo…this is just a quick post this week, recapping the very few moments I had the opportunity to capture on

It takes a village to raise a child….

Saturday night, I had one distraught teen.  She cried and cried until she could cry no longer.  It was all to do with matters of

Wintery Precious Moments (February: Week One)

This week has once again been smattered with illness.  Sigh.  But we are on the case!  We are saying no to germs and yes to

Murmerings and Mumblings

Yesterday I took the day off.  I had a really sore mouth and throat, and whilst theoretically I could have worked, I chose not to. 

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