Empty Nest Syndrome

Coping with the (not so empty) Empty Nest Syndrome

Recently, I have been surprised by the feelings I experienced on graduating my first child from our little homeschool this summer.  On the day of

Healthy Homeschool Living: How to Make the Perfect Salad

Perfect Salads are hard to come by.  Even those found in a lovely restaurant are often not up to par and certainly not as tasty

Table Talk with the Angelicscalliwags…..

It started innocently enough, as Charlotte began sharing about the latest book she is writing, a fun fantasy fiction …. Charlotte: I was writing in

June Precious Moments

The last month has gone by in a flash!  What with finishing up exams, as well as completing various courses before the summer holidays, and

Healthy Homeschool Living: why I weigh myself every morning

Hello.  I’m Claire.  And I weigh myself every morning.  But why? Are we not always told to only weigh ourselves once a week? – Or

Healthy Homeschool Living: Nutritional Files – Ginger

Ginger is a flowering plant with fat nodular roots. It is these roots that we traditionally know as ginger. Whilst ginger can be bought crystalised,

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