Butterfly Inspired Jewellery

Lillie latest art lesson was on sculpture.  She chose to focus on her jewellery (of course).  The first set of photos were taken at the

Mystery of History: Lesson Eight – The Tower of Babel

I wondered what on earth I could teach my girls about the Tower of Babel.  I mean, they have read their Bible.  And they are


Mystery of History: Lesson Seven – The Sumerians

I am very familiar with the Sumerians, having studied them in-depth with my older children during our Mesopotamia Unit Study. It was interesting all those

Spring Precious Moments {14-/04/2018 – 20/04/2018}

This has been such a lovely week.  We have somehow found balance again, which is so important for the relaxed homeschool I always hope to

Homeschool Living Maths – Life of Fred: Cats

Learning Maths with Life of Fred: Cats The more I do Life of Fred, the more confident I am about it working as an exclusive

Mystery of History: Lesson Five – The Ice Age

We have never covered the Ice Age before, so I was quite excited about it.  I decided to invest in a couple of extra resources

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