Table Talk with the Angelicscalliwags…..

It started innocently enough, as Charlotte began sharing about the latest book she is writing, a fun fantasy fiction …. Charlotte: I was writing in

June Precious Moments

The last month has gone by in a flash!  What with finishing up exams, as well as completing various courses before the summer holidays, and

Healthy Homeschool Living: why I weigh myself every morning

Hello.  I’m Claire.  And I weigh myself every morning.  But why? Are we not always told to only weigh ourselves once a week? – Or

Healthy Homeschool Living: Nutritional Files – Ginger

Ginger is a flowering plant with fat nodular roots. It is these roots that we traditionally know as ginger. Whilst ginger can be bought crystalised,

Healthy Homeschool Living

Healthy Homeschool Living – Healthy Attitudes

Healthy Attitudes are SO important when making changes that last.  As you know, I have tried every diet under the sun.  And let me tell

Healthy Homeschool Living

Healthy Homeschool Living: Recipe File – Kefir Smoothies

I allow my kefir to sit for 24 hours with the grains and then strain and pop liquid in fridge for another twelve. The resulting

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