Ancient History

Ancient Mesopotamia

ancient mesopotamia pin

Ancient Egypt

ancient egypt unit study
Ancient Egyptian Escape Room

Ancient Israel

Ancient Americas


Ancient Indus Valley Civilisation

Indus Valley Unit Study

Native Americans


Ancient China

ancient china

Ancient Greece

Black Ships Before Troy
Trojan War Homeschool Lesson

Ancient Romans

Resources studying ancient romans
City by David Macaulay
Ancient Roman Villa
How to make an Ancient Roman Sign
How to Make Your Own Papyrus at Home
colosseum italy

Ancient Celts



How to make Anglo-Saxon Costumes
How to Make a Paper Mache Map
making an aged map
Homeschool Beowulf literature study
Anglo-Saxon Homeschool Presentation

Viking Unit Study

How to Make Viking Costumes
Viking Runes Homeschool Lesson
How to Make a Viking Brooch
Homeschool Viking Presentation

Native Australians

Native Australian dress-up

Middle Ages

Bayeux Tapestry Homeschool Lesson


How to make tempera paints
Cimabue Artist Study
Guido D'Arrezzo Composer Study
explorer's age button

Victorian Era {1800-1900}

Florence Nightingale
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Laundry the Victorian way
Sherlock Holmes Museum

Edwardian Era {1900-1914}

Brownie Camera
Titanic Unit Study
Titanic Murder Mystery Party
Suffragettes Unit Study
Boats and Ships STEM Activities
An Edwardian Christmas
First Radio Broadcast
Antarctic Explorers Unit Study
Antarctic Midwinter Party
Morse Code and Marconigrams
Winsor McCay
Edwardian Unit Study Presentation

World War One {1914-1918}

First World War Map
Causes of World War 1
Siege of Liege activities
Making soldier’s trousers
Battle of Marne
Make a trench model
Life in the Trenches
Princess Mary’s Christmas Box
Make a gas mask
Gallipoli Campaign
Soldier Dog
How to Make a Trench Cake

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