Mystery of History Lesson Three: Tubalcain and Jubal

The third Mystery of History lesson was about Tubal Cain and Jubal.  The mention of these men in Genesis shows how advanced early man actually

Astronomy Unit Study: Unit Three – Mercury

We are on unit three of our astronomy studies and have been learning all about Mercury.  We have been using Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Astronomy.

Spring Seasons of Joy {17/03/2018}

I thought I’d use this space to record all we did for mother’s day.  Mum had instructed me that I was, under no circumstances, to

Precious Spring Moments {09/03/2018 – 16/03/2018}

It’s been a good week all in all.  The little ones and I have been working hard on their history and I am loving the

How to Make Bronze Age Artefacts for Imaginative Play and Learning

This is going to be a post outlining how we made our own Bronze Age Artefacts and will be mainly pictures with a few annotations. 

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