Through the Lens: One Moment in Time 29/01/2018

This is Lillie’s final piece for her first ever photographic project.  It is a screen shot as we are still in the process of mounting

Wintery Seasons of Joy: January 2018 – Checking in on my Goals

Welcome to the last Seasons of Joy post for January.  I know I said it Friday, but can you believe how quickly it has gone. 

January Precious Moments Wrap Up

I can not believe this is the last Friday in January!  Where on earth does the time go?  As always, we have kept ourselves very

Homeschooling Teens: Catching Up with Lillie

Describe how your school has changed over the past year? It has become a lot harder, and more time consuming, mainly because of the photography

Today, my daughter…

….wrote to the local politician with regards to raising the profile of human slavery.  She has also written to David Beckham (child slavery is one

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