Around the World with FIAR: Grass Sandals {Japan and its Volcanoes}

Grass Sandals describes the journey Basho, a well known Japanese poet, takes on foot around Japan.  Littered with Basho’s beautiful haiku poems throughout, it is

Nineteenth Century History: 1820-1830 {Composers of the Romantic Period}

The Romantic Period, a time in history where composers wished to reduce their listeners to tears and melt their hearts, ran from around 1825 to

South America Unit Study

Yeeeehaa!  My unit study all about South America and the rainforest is done and dusted and is now posted all in one place 🙂  Enjoy!

South America: The Vanishing Rain Forests {deserts}

Welcome to my very last post on our South American Unit Study.  I’m so chuffed I managed to finally get it all written down, and

Around the World with FIAR: Salamander Room

FIAR Work The Salamander Room is a delightful book about a young boy imagining all he would need to do to his bedroom to make

The Magic School Bus: In the Rain Forest {Chocolate Production}

This whole lesson was focused on all things chocolate.  I knew this would appeal hugely to the masses so I bribed encouraged them to work hard

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