Continent Study: Antarctica

This post contains all the work we have done for our multi-age continent study. Week 1: Antarctica: Resources Week 2: Antarctica: Where in the World?

Explorer and Leadership Study: Ernest Shackleton in Antarctica

I remember my Dad dropping Shackleton’s name into the conversation often when I was little.  He was, quite rightly, very proud to have ‘connections’ to

Making an Antarctica Continent Box

At the beginning of this study I had been looking forward to making an official Antarctica Continent box.  I have never made a continent box

Continent Study: Antarctica verses the Arctic

Most of our information had come from reading ‘Polar Explorers for kids’ out loud.  This book is divided into Arctic and Antarctic explorers and contains

Continent Study: Antarctica – How do animals survive the sub-zero temperatures?

Antarctica doesn’t have the diversity of wildlife that other continents have.  Those animals which are able to survive the sub-zero temperatures do so because they

Continent Study: Antarctica inspired Art

I really do feel that we made the most of our one day of snow!  The older ones played in the park with their friends

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