Making a Cookie Map of Antarctica


As part of our study of Antarctica we made a fairly detailed cookie map of this icy continent.  I gave the children a blank Antarctica map to fill in using an atlas.  Once the older ones had labelled their map and the younger ones had spent some time with me on Google Earth looking at some of the features of Antarctica, A6 helped me roll out the biscuit dough.

We placed it onto a paper map outline of Antarctica and using her fingers A6 fashioned the dough inside the outline of Antarctica:


We then placed it on a baking tray and baked for ten or so minutes and allowed to cool:


I spread a dish with marshmallow fluff and stuck Antarctica on top.  A6 then poured all the blue sprinkles over the remaining fluff surrounding the biscuit, creating the oceans:


She then smothered the biscuit with the marshmallow fluff to represent the snow:


The older children were now called in to create mountains, icebergs……


….snow and labels:


They basked in the wonders of a truly fabulous Antarctica for, oooh, all of about 3 1/2 seconds and then they ate it:


Such fun!


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    1. Glad you approve! It wasn’t a patch on our ancient India one though – that had toblerones (my absolute favourite chocolate), and many, many varieties of sweeties, icing, chocolate….you name it we had it. Again, not so good for the ol’ weightloss!

    1. I think we might be just as bad with our edible school work. It has two major pluses. The first is that the children will do almost anything if there is a promise of food and a project once eaten takes up practically no space (bar expanding waistlines)!

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