Native American Dress Up: ‘Beaded’ Bracelets

This was a simple craft to do and is perfect for all ages, although a three year old may need to be watched closely to

How to Make Native American Ojibwe Dolls Clothes

The premise of this study is to create a Ojibwe family, a birch bark house for them to live in and all the Ojibwe bits

How to Make Native American Dress Up

We are incapable of doing any kind of study without at least attempting to create some dress up.  I did keep it simple though and

Viking Presentation

Half the fun of putting on a presentation is the preparation, in particular the last couple of hours before guests arrive.  It is at this

Putting Together Viking Dress Up

Dressing up is definitely the children’s area of expertise not mine.  Whilst I may give pointers if I think something is inaccurate historically, mostly I