Native American Dress Up: ‘Beaded’ Bracelets


This was a simple craft to do and is perfect for all ages, although a three year old may need to be watched closely to make sure she is not squeezing all of the paint out onto her leather strip and accompanying bracelet (Ahem, ask me how I know).


In order to make these all you need are tubes of puffy paint and strips of leather (I managed to get a bracelet making pack from the Girl Guides off Amazon but I would have happily cut some shammy cloth and tied the finished product around the wrist.  This would have worked just as well):


Oh, and a sharpie if you would like to plan the bracelet first.  This is exactly what the older girls did as they marked out the pattern on their leather.  The younger girls and T12 winged it, designing their bracelet as they went along:

Ribbet collagebracelet

Once they had finished we left the paint for a few hours to dry sufficiently well for blow drying.  Here are the almost finished products:

Ribbet collagebracelet3

They were blow dried to puff them up and then modeled by one of their makers.  Here is A6 dressed in the rest of her native american costume:

Ribbet collagebracelet2

Pretty, aren’t they?


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