Ancient China Unit Study

Week One: Resources Week Two: The Geography of China and Xia Dynasty Week Three: Shang Dynasty and Writing Systems Week Four: Zhou Dynasty and Chinese

Ancient China: The Song Dynasty and Silk Screen Painting

This week was our final week of school and we just wanted it out-of-the-way to have a short break before diving into our summer adventure

Tang Dynasty and the Beginning of Printing

Yippididippideeeeeee!  We’ve replaced the keyboard!  You would think I had lots to post about, but you would be wrong.  I took a sneaky guilt-free few

Ancient Chinese Picture Study: Han Dynasty

Painting of five Han nobles conversing and wearing elegant clothing. The second figure from the left carries a stylized umbrella. The figures are painted in

Ancient China: Han Dynasty & the Invention of Paper

This week we studied the Han dynasty and looked at the invention of Paper.  As there is definitely a feeling of winding down, and because

Ancient China: Qin dynasty and the Chinese Currency

This week I wanted to introduce the children to taking notes from three different sources and putting them into a spider diagram or key word

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