Angelicscalliwags Catch Up and Plans for Next Year: Lillie

I am so excited about Lillie’s school work this year!  I think she is going to have an absolute ball, and I am completely jealous

Angelicscalliwags Catch Up and Plans for Next Year: Thomas

Thomas has an incredibly busy summer ahead of him as he prepares for his final year in our little home school.  He will be working

The Teen Years: Finding a Balance Between Exam Led Learning and Delight Led Learning

At what age does the future of one’s children suddenly seem to matter more?  At what age does home school becomes something a little more

The Blessing of Teens

I have been ill since Sunday night, along with the two little ones.  In fact B4 is now on antibiotics for a nasty ear infection.

Introducing ‘Bringing Smart Back!’

I was over at my bloggy friend Karen’s beautiful blog the other day and found a lovely post written about her daughter’s new venture ‘Bringing Smart