Angelicscalliwags Catch Up and Plans for Next Year: Lillie

I am so excited about Lillie’s school work this year!  I think she is going to have an absolute ball, and I am completely jealous that I didn’t have the same opportunity when I was her age 🙂  With Lillie we are keeping it very vocational.  For years now she has wanted to start up her own jewellery business.  After much discussion she will not be going down the IGCSE route.  Between us we have chosen a variety of courses which will help her expand her reach a little further than jewellery.  So, without further ado…..

  1. I will get the boring ones out of the way first!  Lillie is about a quarter the way through her maths IGCSE.  I have been tempted to change her to a business maths course but Gary wants her to at least have her IGCSE in English (which she just recently took) and Maths.  She will be using Conquer Maths and take the exam whenever she is ready.
  2. Level Two BTEC in Art and Design (Accredited IGCSE equivalent) – She began this in January this year and has so far completed seven lessons.  She has discovered a talent in art that she did not know she had.  Thus far she has received five 100% and two 95% grades, and her new tutor has said she is one of their top students.  This has blown both of us away!  However, she definitely has her mojo back for her jewellery making and she wants her jewellery to make up more of her art work than just drawing and painting.  So long as she continues to receive over 60 % overall she will have an automatic place on the college’s Foundation Diploma (the equivalent to two A grade A levels).  We are both very excited about where this is going to take her…
  3. Level Three Jewellery Making Business Diploma Course – This is one she will be very enthusiastic to take.  We have already bought in the course, have all the resources and she will be beginning in September.  This is a certified course but not accredited, although she does receive 150 Continued Professional Development Points.  However, it covers everything she needs to set up her own business in the jewellery arena.
  4. Level Three Blogging Business Course – She will be attempting to get her blog Lillie Stew-ART launched properly by blogging a bit more regularly as well focusing on just her art and jewellery creations.  We are hoping the business course will help her understand the blogging world a bit better and get her work ‘out there’.  This course is certified by the IAHT (International Alliance of Holistic Therapists), the IAHT is an internationally recognised organisation.  She will also earn 150 Continued Professional Development Points.
  5. Level Three Calligraphy Course – She has been interested in calligraphy for a while now, and believes it will help her create beautiful written products, as well as unique business cards, leaflets and any other literature she might need to have.  The is certified by ABC Awards, although it is not accredited.
  6. Level Three Photography Diploma – This is an accredited course equivalent to one A Level.  Lillie can not wait to begin this course, especially because it is run by her Art and Design tutor, who is brilliant and completely enthusiastic about helping Lillie reach her jewellery making goals.  As photography will be her first line method of showing off her jewellery, this is a very important course during which she will be focusing on studio photography.

I am really excited to see where all this takes her.  This is interest led education at its very best!


  1. What gorgeous photo! I love the balance you’re finding between Lillie’s interests and exams. We’re walking a similar path right now with Cordie’s passion for music and her academic subjects.

  2. It is interesting to see the differences between education in the US and England. What you have planned looks exciting and rewarding!

  3. She might also look into instagram for marketing. My friend who runs a jewelry business uses it a lot, and gets lots of clients that way.
    Her two daughters also just launched a business as part of their senior project for homeschool. Send me an email if you’d like to know more.

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