Healthy Homeschool Living: Introduction

Healthy Homeschool Living: Introduction

I mentioned that for a short time I wanted my blog to take a different turn.  Sooooo, for the next couple of months I will be sharing all I have been learning about Healthy Homeschool Living.  In September (or sooner if I run out of things to say) blogging will return to normal.  I want to do this for two reasons.  The first is to give myself a complete change from home schooling, and second is to give my girls a place of reference for health related information for when they are older and bringing up their own families.

Healthy Homeschool Living

A couple of months ago, I watched with increasing interest a documentary called ‘In Defence of Food’.  I didn’t know it then, but this film was to be the catalyst for a change which has been a long time in coming.  If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you will know how much of a daily battle food is for me…..and has been my entire life.

God has done amazing things though.  He has taught me that I am not the beast I used to see in the mirror.  He has shown me that beauty is so much more than just what one looks like exteriorly.  I no longer despise the person looking back at me in my reflection.  And there is a peace of sorts which comes from that.  God has worked miracles.

When I started to earnestly look at my issues with food, and with how I viewed myself, I could see how intrinsically linked they were.  As God revealed His truths to me, I honestly thought things would change once and for all, and that my excess weight would just drop off me.  Not so as it happens.

So I searched my Bible for all the passages which dealt with self-control.  It had to be a matter of this now.  Self-control.  The very word sends shivers down my spine.  Because if it were all down to self-control, I was royally stuffed!  But the more I read, the more I understood that God plays a large part in self-control.  In fact, it is less self-control than letting yourself be God controlled.  I had this (so I thought).  God has this.  I was confident that I had it nailed.  And if I hadn’t God would.

A year later, I was exhausted.  I was working such incredibly long hours, I was tired and not just because of the hard work.  Carrying around about 100 extra pounds (a whole other human being) didn’t help at all.  I was nutritionally under par and was so incredibly frustrated with myself.

I had re-joined Slimming World, hoping somebody, anybody would have the answer that they would make me well again.  Of course, I asked myself again and again, how I could have let it get so bad?  As things stood, I was probably the least healthy I had ever been.  Every Monday would be the same.  Everything would be different this time.  I would at last be slim and healthy.

Except, whilst I sometimes managed to be ‘good’ all week, and show enormous self-control….sometimes even managing a few weeks….it never lasted.  Ever.  Then I watched the documentary.  And it was like everything fell into place.

Before I explain I have some questions, which you very well may know the answers to already.  I didn’t, and having this information to hand now has completely changed the way I view food.

  • Did you know the combination of caffeine and saccharin in Diet Coke has the same effect as cocaine on your brain cells?  It stimulates them at first and gives the drinker an immense feeling of pleasure.  Then it kills them.  Yes, diet coke kills your brain cells.
  • Did you know that store bought blueberry muffins do not contain blueberries?  They are injected with a sugary syrup dyed to look like blueberries.  This syrup contains chemicals which are designed to create a yearning for more.  They are designed to keep you coming back.
  • Did you know that some yogurts, often touted as being a healthy alternative to sweets, and marketed towards children, actually contain as much sugar as a full sugar normal Coke?
  • Did you know that most of the research presented to the FDA is carried out by divisions of food companies and pharmaceutical companies, thus making it far more likely that there be a bias with regards to the decisions they make based on this research.
  • And….did you know that this means the food and pharmaceutical companies are more in control of the food we eat than any other influence?

It was as if a light bulb went off in my head.

Introducing a Summer of Healthy Homeschool Living

Obesity is such a huge problem today, not because man has suddenly evolved into a race lacking in any sort of self-control, and lazy to boot, but because man has created all sorts of food-like products designed to hit the pleasure centres of the brain to such an extent that it keeps us coming back for more.  All in the name of money.  Speaking of which, billions is spent each year on advertising this food, attempting to manipulate the masses into buying whatever food product they are touting.

Suddenly I knew what I was up against.  This wasn’t a fight against food, it was a fight against the people who made food-like products and pretended they were food; the people who lied to us to line their own pockets.  It’s funny how a change of perspective changes the war one is fighting.  And, of course, once one knows who one’s opponent really is, one can start using the most effective tools to slay them.

Continued tomorrow: Healthy Homeschool Living: Food verses Food-Like Products

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  1. I like this topic. I am a huge fan of real food. As a society we have easy access to the wrong kind of foods. Jonathan was watching a documentary the other day and a person who had always lived in the jungle came to a western supermarket, he then reported to his friend what he saw. He explained that westerners were overweight because they have these big food houses with food everywhere! I guess if we picked it, grew it, killed it and cared for it then we would all eat less and do more. Our dream of the countryside includes opportunities for all these things.

    • You’re going to have a wonderful life in the country 🙂
      I hear you have found the home you want to buy? I shall be praying all goes smoothly xx

    • I hope you enjoy all I’ll be covering. Please feel free to input into any of the posts – I’d love to know what you have been learning too 🙂

  2. As a family we’ve been edging towards a keto style diet, our kids are mostly really good about it. It is hard to keep up with sometimes, not because the food is hard to cook (it’s actually quite easy), but for us it is more about being disciplined about buying the right food and having it in stock at home. If we don’t then that is when we make the bad/easy choices.

    The Magic Pill on Netflix reignited our enthusiasm for it, it’s worth a watch –

    Rosie /

  3. I have the philosophy that if God didn’t make it, it isn’t good for you. We are on a super tight budget but still manage to eat whole foods for $100 a week for my family of 6. Once you get into eating a whole foods mindset, it gets easier and easier. Good luck on your journey!

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