A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That…

My funny, nutty, crazy, brave daughter has finished all of her GCSEs! She sat her last this morning, which she said went well. She and I have worked crazy hard for these exams, so it is a welcome relief now they are over.

She just needs to pass a final maths exam, which isn’t for a few weeks, so she’s taken the rest of the day off to spend time with her twin. They’ve wandered up to the top of the village in search of a café and some celebratory milkshakes. The littles have their favourite friend over for the day, and I am going to take it fairly easy today. Thomas is under pressure right now to get all his work in tomorrow, so we’ve been doing what we can in the way of helping him with chores and the such like, to free up a bit more time for college work.

So What’s Next?

We have seven more weeks of school left before we take the month of August off. Once again, I have not got any adventures planned for this summer. Right now, I am so exhausted from the past three months I can’t even consider it. I may change my mind, but the idea of doing absolutely nothing for four weeks appeals perhaps more than it should!

Anyway, the next seven weeks will be run on a half-an-hour-on, half-an-hour-off basis. This is what I resort to when I need to get stuff done that I’d prefer not to do. Right now, I’d rather be returning my home to some sort of cosiness and tidiness, as my standards have well and truly lapsed over the past few months. But I know that school still needs to happen. We still need to get Charlotte to some sort of maths understanding that she is able to take (and pass) a level two in maths, else she’ll have to retake in school next year, which she seriously does not want to do!

Lillie also needs to make a good start on the GCSEs she is taking next year: Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Sociology and Maths. I want her to have run through the courses at least once by January so she can spent a few months revising.

And the littles, I particularly want to finish their Botany course, because summer is the perfect time to do it. I also want to be on course to complete the first volume of Mystery of History and Science in the Ancient Times by the end of the year. They also have a set of ACE workbooks to finish.

And me? Well, I have a house to return to normal and next year’s home-school to plan and buy in resources for. I need to have a think about how best to help Lillie with her GCSEs whilst still allowing her the freedom to work at the job she loves. Oh, and I think I might out-source some of Abigail’s lessons next year. She wants to learn Spanish and I know less Spanish than I do Latin, and that’s saying something! Also, not wanting to make the same mistake with my littles as I did with Charlotte, I want to ensure that Abigail is where she needs to be in maths, so am thinking about outsourcing some of her maths, which I will need to research that as well.

But most importantly, I will be taking every opportunity to spend time with my two little ones, snuggling, reading and just being together. The last few months have taken their toll on my younger girls, and they need some mummy time.

My goal blog-wise, is to return to my daily ‘Year in a Life…’ posts and squeeze in all the other ones I have in my drafts box at the moment.

Busy, busy, but hopefully to a lesser extent than the last few weeks 🙂


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