Jesse Bear Book Unit

Jesse Bear

This Jesse Bear Book Unit is part of the very excellent Before Five in a Row (B4FIAR) curriculum.  FIAR is a lovely gentle curriculum, where you read a book five days in a row and use the book as a spring-board for many educational opportunities.  Before FIAR is for 2-4 year olds and so is pitched at A3’s age.  Jesse Bear is our first book. 

Jesse Bear Book Unit: Lap Book Activity

I pulled together lots of lap book activities from the FIAR digitals to freebies from Home School Share:

Jesse Bear Lap Book

I photocopied the book cover and pasted it on top of the lap book cover:

Jesse Bear completed lap book

And the inside:

inside of Jesse Bear Lap Book

Jesse Bear Book Unit: Art Activities

We made some paper plate bear masks:

Two children in Jesse Bear Masks

And grew some cress in a bear shape:

Jesse Bear shaped kitchen paper and cress seed to grow

And coloured in some bears clothes to use to dress up our bear:

Jesse Bear Activities

Jesse Bear: Tray Activities

I also went through all our bits for bear related activities.  We had a surprising number!  From matching buttons, a wooden bear family puzzle, a chunky bear puzzle, and a threading activity.  Also, some magnetic shapes to create her own bears, a snuggly bear and a dressing bear especially for learning to use zips, buttons, toggles, belts and velcro:

Bear toys: puzzles, dress a bear, sewing, cuddly toy

Our own little bear completing her tray activities:

Girl in mask doing Jesse Bear Unit Study

Maths Activities

We did some sorting of gummy bears into their different colours.  We graphed them on a simple graph, and then very much enjoyed eating them!

Coloured gummy bears in coloured bowls

Abigail did some colour matching with a button activity.  Next, she did some simple addition using linking bears.  And finally, she did some threading/sewing:

Bear sewing, counting bears and colour matching


We attempted to create some bear pancakes 😁

Bear shaped pancake

Our first ever row was a huge success and Abigail enjoyed every single moment of it!

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  1. I am using FIAR with my two oldest children, and will be starting Before with my preschooler next. She’s almost 3 and wants to “do school” like her brothers. I think Before will PERFECT for her, and I’m actually really excited about Jesse Bear! 🙂

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