Nature Study: Plans for a Year Long Study of our Village Pond

I LOVE history.  I didn’t take it at school, so I come to it with clear, fresh eyes and I think this makes it very,

Preschool Adventure Box: B4FIAR Ask Mr Bear

THEME: FARMS This year I want to be a little less haphazard about my two little one’s activities.   A4 will continue to have her one

Looking Back: In depth Study of Hammurabi and his Legal System

Whilst we covered Assyria and Babylonia in some depth, it was Hammurabi who caught our imagination.  I went with the flow and I’m so glad

A Post for Phyllis

Phyllis left a note earlier today informing me she had nominated me for an award.  I’m a little overwhelmed and surprised, yet it seems fitting that

Easter Adventure Box: Marco Polo and Ancient China-Part 2

Yesterday I shared the resources I’m using for the Ancient China part of our adventure box.  The other half of the box will be focused

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