Stained Glass Window Activities

Most of our art study this year is going to be centered around particular artists who lived during the Middle Ages.  However there are a few

Looking Back – Astronomy Presentation

I’m doing a series called looking back, documenting learning the children and I did together prior to me blogging.  To be honest it’s more for

How to Make an Ancient Greece Game Board to Reinforce Learning

I gave you a peek of our board game made during our fun week and thought I’d do a post on how I made it.  The

Our Fun Week with the Trojan Horse

This week has been our  fun week which we have at the end of each of our four week terms.  During a fun week we still accomplish

Unmuddling Maths – Viking Rune Stones and Probability Part Two

The next day I gave them a bag of runes and asked them to follow the instructions I had typed out on the sheet (click

Unmuddling Maths – Viking Rune Stones and Probability Part One

On our family holiday this year, the children came face to face with amusement arcades.  Never having seen anything like it before, they were enamoured

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