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LearnBop has a great new way to practice math with their LearnBop for Families subscription!  We were given twelve months access to the Single Student Plan of LearnBop for Families.
LearnBop for Families Review

What is LearnBop?

LearnBop is a personalised maths program which allows the student to work at their own level until mastery of any given maths topic is achieved.

How Did We Use it?

I had been hoping to use it with my 14-year-old son, to revise algebra.  We were both excited about this program.  Unfortunately, the algebra road map had a few kinks in it, and for Thomas this was highly frustrating.  LearnBop were very quick about sorting out the incorrect answers, but as we could find no way to proceed until the problems were sorted he quickly grew tired of all the start/stops.

I ended up taking over.  I changed the road map from Algebra to Grade 3.  I encountered none of the problems which were apparent in algebra, and I have to say, I found this a very impressive maths program.

I used it at least three times a week, often more.

LearnBop Grade Three: How Does It Work?


You begin with a road map, in my case Grade Three: Multiplication and Division.  Each road map is displayed on the left hand side of the screen so you know how far you have come and how far you have left to go until obtaining mastery of the topic.

Each lesson begins with a warm up to check your previous knowledge and your understanding of concepts vital to achieve mastery.  If during the warm up the program picks up an area of weakness, it will take you back to revise that particular weakness.  If you do well in the warm-up you are able to begin your lesson:

Capture 3Each lesson contains four teaching videos.  You are expected to watch at least two of them.  They each teach the concept in a slightly different way, ensuring the student has exposure to different solving techniques:

Capture 4

The videos are clear and effective, and once they have been watched the student should be able to proceed to the bops (questions) with ease:


Each time a bop is attempted and answered correctly, a progress graph is shown:

Capture 2

If a question is answered incorrectly, help is given.  And this is where LearnBop comes into its own.  Here is a question I answered wrong for the purpose of the review:


The program gives the student step by step guidance of just how to go about answering the question.  It makes sure the student understands which function is needed:

Capture 2

And shows them how to use that function to find the answer:

Capture 3

This allows the student to achieve the answer as well as a full understanding of how the answer is achieved:

Capture 4

What Did I Think of the Program?

I think this is a really great program.  It not only gives more than one teaching option (in the form of four videos), it checks prior knowledge, filling in any gaps, and takes the student through an incorrect answer step by step, ensuring full understanding and mastery of each topic.  This program would work well for both strong and weak maths students.

Connect with LearnBop:

Twitter: @LearnBop

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